Calabrese Planned Giving Society

Brooklyn Jesuit Prep is proud to announce the creation of the Calabrese Planned Giving Society, founded in 2022 by Patricia Calabrese's loving husband, Steve.

Patricia Calabrese: "A heart as big as a girl's."

This planned giving society represents a group of dedicated supporters who have generously decided to include BJP in their estate planning.  Their generosity will ensure the BJP mission forever stands, allowing generations of future BJP students to receive rigorous, transformative education.

This society is named for Patricia Calabrese, who tragically passed away from Parkinson’s Disease. Her life and love helped reinvigorate her husband Steve’s commitment to doing justice.

“I have always considered Patricia to be my gold standard for kindness. Everyday since she has gone, I seek to incorporate a bit more of her heart in mine, because she had the bigger heart. She is, therefore, the perfect choice to name this society after." - Steve Calabrese

A product of Jesuit education, Steve understands the importance of BJP’s work. He grew up on Avenue K & Albany Avenue in Brooklyn, commuting to Regis High School every morning by subway at the Junction. He has gotten involved and volunteered at Nativity schools in the past. However, Patricia’s passing inspired him to commit to BJP in a deeper way: by founding this society and including BJP in his estate planning. “Patricia suffered a lot physically and emotionally. But somehow, I know BJP’s work redeems her pain and transforms it into helping young students, something she would very much have loved.”

For Steve, supporting BJP’s work is as important as supporting that of his alma mater. “It is so important to change the trajectory of BJP students’ lives,” says Steve. “If we don’t support these students now, we won’t set them up to succeed in the future.  I see supporting BJP and supporting my alma mater as one and the same cause, but starting with BJP is essential.”

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