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Chris Ferreira


BJP strengthened my conscience. Some people like to defer responsibility because it’s not in their job description, but ultimately it’s all our responsibility to make society more equitable. When I was in school, I never thought an engineer could look like me, so now I have a responsibility to set an example for students of color today.


Kimberley Philander

BJP Alumni

BJP taught me to ‘pay it forward’ and be the best person I can be. You may not think that you’re impacting someone by doing the simplest thing for them, but you don’t know.


7th Grade Parent


These are stressful times but I just wanted you to know that I am so pleased with the teachers.




Here is how I describe distance learning: my teachers have been there for me.


Fr. Ralph Rivera, S.J.


There are few jobs or vocations more honorable, more necessary, and more consequential for the well-being of a nation, than to educate our children. To take a child by the hand and lead him or her down the path of knowledge and empathy for others is a holy act. Indeed, it may well be the holiest of acts.


Greg Arte


It’s no secret that times like these only exacerbate the achievement gaps in America. We can’t solve all the problems our nation experiences, but we can serve the students in front of us with a quality education that works to close any racial or socioeconomic gaps that exist.



8th Grader

I love BJP because...we learn how to become leaders for the future, which is an opportunity that not everyone gets.


Fred Bleakley


As a graduate of a Jesuit high school (Brooklyn Prep) and Jesuit College (Holy Cross) I saw in BJP the opportunity to bring the value of the Jesuitical love of learning to the middle school level. Because BJP is dedicated to reaching children of families who otherwise could not afford the mentoring and small class approach of a private school, I am eager as a trustee to help raise funds for its survival and growth. The path to equality in all classes begins, I believe, with an education built on strong fundamentals and, in BJP’s case, the support of others more fortunate.


Kate Broderick


Covid-19 impacted our community disproportionately and created additional challenges to our students both in and out of the classroom. When BJP was forced into distance learning our faculty and families proved again why our mission of breaking the cycle of poverty through education matters, now more than ever.