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Irene Locario

Math and Science

I, Irene Josephine Locario, originally from Belize,Central America. I graduated from Spalding University in Louisville Kentucky where I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. I am now living in New York and teaching at Brooklyn Jesuit Prep in Brooklyn. I am from a family of eight; four of whom went to heaven; my guardian angels - my dad and my three brothers. My immediate family now is my mom, my two sisters and several nieces and nephews.

I was once called to be a part of a religious community. I lived those vows for about 10 years. It was a challenging but a growth filled experience for me. The faith that my grandmother gave birth to in me was nurtured while living with the sisters; sharing in their life and ministries.

In my life’s journey, I have been blessed with opportunities to share my faith and gifts with others as well as to be enriched by those to whom I have been sent to serve.   Twice I have experienced the year long spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius. It was such a wonderful gift to journey for a year with Kevin O’ Brien, SJ book under the direction of Fr Jim Short, SJ in Belize and Fr. Ralph Riviera, SJ here in New York. I am blessed to be a part of a community at Brooklyn Jesuit Prep where during the school year in the midst of our daily responsibility of teaching, we take the time out once a week to be engaged in a 30 day guided retreat using Michael Hansen, SJ book; directed by Fr Ralph Riviera, SJ. In July my entire school goes to a leadership camp at Fairfield University in Connecticut. After, I would go away to an eight day directed retreat to replenish my cup so that it is full before I begin the new school year.

I have been called to the ministry of education now for over 30 years. I have taught in Belize; elementary, middle and high schools. Besides being a teacher and principal in Belize I also plan Kairos retreat at the all boys Jesuit high school and at an all girls high school sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy. Presently, my place of mission is at Brooklyn Jesuit Prep. Here I teach Math and Physics, planner for the eighth grade retreat and Camp director.

My spiritual life is also nurtured at my parish community where I worship weekly. There I serve as a Eucharistic minister; teach RCIA, and proclaim the words as a lector. I enjoy sharing my gifts and talents with others as well as learning from them. My life is a gift from God and who I become and what I do with my life is my gift.

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