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Gifts that Go Further

Did you know that your gift to BJP can go further through Matched gifts? Many employers will match their employees' donations. A matching gift is an easy way to maximize your donation's impact on our entire school community by doubling or even tripling the amount of your gift to BJP. Companies will often match donations made by their retirees as well. If you know your company participates in this program, simply request and complete the matching gift form from your employer’s HR office. Unsure if your company will match your charitable donation? Reach out to the HR department, or complete the google form below and we will work with you to find out. As always, thank you for supporting our students. Through our matching gifts program, your gift to BJP truly Goes Further.

Companies that match gifts:
American Express
American International Group (AIG)
General Electric
JPMorgan Chase
Johnson & Johnson
Morgan Stanley
New York Life Insurance Co.
The Bank of New York
And many more…

Please notify us by completing the form below if you intend to submit a corporate match
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