A Model that Works

In his recent book The Nativity Phenomenon: A Model that Works, Fr. Jack Podsiadlo, SJ, animates the history of Nativity schools like Brooklyn Jesuit Prep. He describes the Nativity environment as one where students are “accepted, respected, nurtured, and challenged.” This is what we are about at BJP.

In my first two months as President, I have witnessed first-hand these four values in action. I have been blown away by how well our teachers and administrators know our students–their strengths and challenges, their stories and aspirations. Our small class sizes, extended school day, and summer leadership camp all make this possible.

Whether in the swimming pool, academic classroom, or spiritual conversation, we care for our students and encourage their growth. Stories like Beyoncé King’s demonstrate that this kind of care for the whole person transforms our students' lives.

Fr. Podsiadlo’s subtitle rings true: our model is one that works. It also relies upon the generosity of many, and I am grateful to all our supporters. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, I hope that such generosity will continue. I also hope that this newsletter gives you a sense of the impact your support makes on our students and, through their successes, the world around us.