Alumni Spotlight: Beyoncé King

Home Neighborhood: Crown Heights, Brooklyn

What are you up to now? I graduated from Marquette University in May, and I am currently studying for my nursing license exam.

How did BJP inspire you? BJP has inspired me to “be open to growth” and seek growth opportunities like the Global Brigades program, an organization that provides medical aid and empowers people to make better decisions. Through this organization, I provided medical aid and empowered people to make better healthcare decisions for themselves and their families last May in Panama.

What about BJP are you most grateful for?

I am grateful for the support I have in the Graduate Support Office and all the friends that I made. This past spring, I came back to BJP as a quiet place to study for my nursing tests. Since leaving BJP, my faith has also grown by learning that God can be found in everything.

What are your goals in the future?

I aspire to pursue higher education and become a women's health nurse practitioner or certified nurse midwife. I am passionate about women's health and want to educate young women about their bodies.

I’d love to come back for career day to talk to students or help out in other ways.