Expanding Access to Catholic Education

Carlos Ventura is set to begin his second full school year as BJP’s Director of Admissions. A native New Yorker and graduate of the REACH Program, Regis High School, and Cornell University, Carlos has a passion for connecting with prospective students and their families. “BJP has been Brooklyn’s best-kept secret for too long. By visiting elementary schools and spreading awareness of our great school, my goal is to change this.”

Last year, Carlos visited over 120 schools throughout Brooklyn to achieve this goal. His determination has already made a significant impact on our recruitment efforts. This school year, we have 89 students enrolled, up from 77 last year and 79 students in 2021. Looking forward, Carlos's goal is to “help BJP grow by creating pipelines for applications through community and school partnerships to continue increasing enrollment.” A BJP education is a gift, and we look forward to sharing this gift with more and more promising young people in Brooklyn.