James Kennedy Announced as President

I am honored and excited to succeed Fr. Powell as the next President of Brooklyn Jesuit Prep. BJP has an important and inspiring mission. I can think of few goals more worthy than breaking the cycle of poverty through education. As a product of Jesuit education myself, I deeply value the transformation that occurs at our schools. I look forward to working with our entire community to make a positive impact on the lives of the students and families of BJP.

Three things I'm looking forward to about serving BJP are embodied in the name of the school itself. First, I am looking forward to returning to Brooklyn. I was born and baptized in this great borough, and I am eager to connect with the community in East Flatbush and throughout Kings County. Leading a Jesuit institution comes with tremendous responsibility, and my leadership is guided by the Jesuit value of doing all things Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam--for the Greater Glory of God. Finally, I began my career as an English teacher and have especially enjoyed teaching middle school students. Working with the faculty, staff, and others to prepare our students for success in high school and beyond, as well as lives of faith and service, is extremely energizing for me.

BJP is currently in an exciting time of transition. We are filled with gratitude for Fr. Powell and the positive impact he has made on this school. We are filled with pride for our 2023 graduates as they become BJP alumni and begin high school. We are filled with excitement for our current students as they prepare for Camp Montmartre this summer. Your generosity makes our mission possible, and I am deeply grateful for your support.