Summer Leadership Academy

 Summer Camp is one of the three flagship programs that comprise the BJP experience

BJP students usually attend camp at Fairfield University, engaging in academic enrichment, outdoor sports and activities, leadership skill building, and making timeless memories.  The COVID-19 pandemic has hampered BJP’s ability to hold summer camp in 2020 and 2021.  BJP held a virtual camp last year.  This year, we plan to hold a summer day camp here in New York.  But COVID’s impact on camp is more wide-ranging:

The pandemic cost students vital course hours, which they will need to make up over the summer and during the rest of their time at BJP.

Camp offers our students a controlled environment away from potential stressors at home, in which they can focus on their schoolwork.  Because of the pandemic, students have not benefited from this learning environment.

Camp is where our students rely on getting their meals over the summer.  Without camp, many of our students did not consistently eat three healthy meals per day during the summer.

While our day camp cannot replace our beloved Fairfield Camp experience, nor meet all of the challenges posed by COVID, we still strive to mitigate the obstacles our students face by providing them a rigorous and fun summer camp experience.

The Benefits of Summer Camp


Summertime is when BJP students can build on what they learned in their academic courses during the year in a focused, controlled environment.


Our students develop their voices and their leadership skills through a variety of camp activities.


Ask any BJP alum, and they'll tell you: camp is far and away the most memorable and fun part of the BJP experience.

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