The President's Welcome

Fr. Mario Powell, S.J.


Welcome to Brooklyn Jesuit Prep!  We are grateful you found your way to our special school.  What makes BJP a special place and a special community?  In Jesuit missions and institutions, we like to say that we’re working towards “the Greater Glory of God.”  At BJP, practically, that means that we’re working to realize the potential and dreams of each of the students in our midst, students who would not otherwise have access to a school like ours.  This mission draws on the generosity of so many generous donors who pay for over 90% of our operating expenses each year.  Our donors are restless hearts in the Augustinian sense, people who seek the Greater Glory in their own lives and in their community, in the form of social justice.

This is an exciting new chapter for us!  Last August, we moved from our old home in Prospect Heights to a new, $2.5 million state-of-the-art facility in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.  We’ve found new ways to serve our students and their families.  We’ve inaugurated an array of fundraising, service, and social events to build bridges within our community and to forge relationships with new friends of our school.  And we’re not stopping there.  From our new home, we strive to break the cycle of poverty for more students in Central and Southern Brooklyn.  We strive to continue to improve and expand our course offerings for our students.  And as always, we continue to bring about the Greater Glory of God.

Come get to know us.  Whether teacher, donor, or volunteer, I encourage you to ”row into the deep” with us. Take chances. Get to know someone who doesn’t look like you. Visit and invest in a community you wouldn’t ordinarily find yourself in.  Learning kids' names, learning their hopes and dreams, will hopefully make your heart even more restless than it may already be.

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Mario Powell, S.J.

Fr. Mario Powell, S.J.